Post-Collision Fuel-Fed Fires

Fuel-fed fires and gas tank explosions that occur after a vehicle collision often result in catastrophic injuries and deaths for the occupants of the vehicle. Sadly, many of these fires and explosions could have been prevented if the manufacturer properly designed and manufactured the vehicle. Some of the common causes of fuel-fed fires and gas tank explosions include:

Defective design: Automotive experts have long recognized that placing the gas tank in a location protected from impact can prevent explosions and fires. Vehicles with fuel tanks behind the rear axle or outside the frame rails are examples of dangerous designs susceptible to rupture in an accident.

Fuel line defects: When plastic or other inadequate material is used as fuel lines, they can tear or separate from the gas tank or other components of the vehicle. Tearing or separation of the fuel lines can cause leaks which lead to fuel fed car fires.

Fuel tank defects: Fuel fed fires are frequently caused by defects in the structure of the fuel tank. For example, if welded seams fail, fuel leaks out. Likewise, if there is an insufficient barrier surrounding the tank, the tank can be easily punctured or crushed in a crash or can rupture and explode.

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