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The Sanders Law Firm is a plaintiffs' personal injury litigation firm. We handle a broad range of plaintiffs' personal injury claims, including medical malpractice, car crashes, truck wrecks, and products liability.

Please review some of our past cases below for examples of our work:

Notable Cases

  • $13,000,000 Negligent Highway Design and Traffic Engineering Verdict

    Concerts at an entertainment complex in Ohio caused traffic back-up on for miles, leaving motorists stranded in stopped traffic on an interstate highway. A woman suffered severe, permanent brain damage and her husband was seriously injured when their car was rear-ended at high speed by a motorist who failed to appreciate that other vehicles were stopped on the highway. The backup of traffic left everyone on the roadway in a position of danger.

  • $4,000,000 Tractor Trailer Drives Recklessly / Motor Vehicle Collision Settlement Against Major National Truck Line

    On a rainy morning, a tractor trailer was speeding around a clearly marked, dangerous curve. There were several warnings to slow down before entering the curve, including flashing lights. The driver disregarded the warnings and lost control of his truck. The semi-trailer jack-knifed, struck a car traveling in the opposite direction, and killed a man. He was survived by his wife and three children.

  • $4,100,000 Prescription Medical Malpractice / Automobile Collision Verdict

    A physician prescribed large doses of pain medication to a patient and continued to increase her dosage whenever she asked for it. She became addicted. The doctor's staff then taught the woman to override her pain pump so she could receive as much pain medication as she wanted. She was operating a vehicle while high on pain meds, leading to a crash that killed a young boy, permanently disabled his mother, and left the patient with disabling injuries.

  • $10,090,000 Product Liability Settlement Against Pharmaceutical Company

    A pharmaceutical company was promoting and encouraging off-label use of an anti-psychotic drug without warning against potential side effects.

  • $3,200,000 ATV Steering Shaft Failure. Products Liability Settlement Against Japanese Manufacturer

    Two teenage boys were riding double on an ATV on a farm field access road. Without warning the steering shaft broke, causing an immediate and total loss of steering control. The ATV flipped over and the boys were ejected. One of the youngsters suffered thoracic spine fracture that left him a paraplegic.

  • $3,600,000 Child Doused in Hot Grease. Products Liability Settlement Against National Restaurant Chain

    A child was attending a festival sponsored by a well-known national restaurant chain. A tent was set up for sale of deep-fried foods. One of the large fryers had a broken leg. Festival operators propped up the large vat of hot grease, rather than fixing the broken leg. The child walked by the tent just as the fryer tipped over. She was doused with scalding grease. The child suffered permanent, severe burns over a large portion of her body. The settlement was structured so that the child will collect more than twenty million dollars over her lifetime.

  • $3,321,000 Failure to Diagnose Infection. Medical Malpractice Jury Trial Verdict

    A young woman had what appeared to be an irritating pimple. When she tried to open the sore, a bacterial, blood-bore infection resulted. She developed a fever and other symptoms of infection. She went to an urgent care center, where the doctor failed to appreciate the seriousness of her illness. Life-saving antibiotics were not prescribed and important tests overlooked. Blood test results that should have alerted doctors to the presence of life-threatening sepsis were ignored. Because her condition was not diagnosed or treated, she died after a long battle for life.

  • $2,000,000 Seat Collapses in Automobile- Death of Child Seated in Rear Seat. Products Liability Settlement Against U.S. Automobile Manufacturer

    A family was stopped at a traffic light when they were rear-ended at a very low speed. The front seat collapsed and impact forces threw the father into the back seat of the vehicle, where his body struck his daughter. The force of the impact with her father's body crushed the little girl's heart. She bled to death in her father's arms as he struggled to get her to a hospital. (Gleason)

  • $2,000,000 Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer Medical Malpractice Settlement

    A young woman went in for a routine PAP smear examination. A national Pap-testing laboratory misread the test, resulting in the failure to diagnose cervical cancer. The lab report said the patient she did not cancer, but she did. The cancer progressed and the patient died, leaving three little girls without a mother.

  • $5,140,797 Home Burns due to Defective Heat Tape - Settlement Against Manufacturer

    A child suffered significant burns when his family's mobile home was set on fire by defective heat tape the family was using to keep their pipes from freezing in winter.

  • $20,000,000 Products Liability Settlement Against Pharmaceutical Company

    A psychoactive drug prescribed for serious mental disorders was known to cause diabetes, obesity, and death. Patients were not informed of these side effects. Thousands of patients suffered complications.

  • $3,675,000 Dump Truck Kills Student Crossing Street. Trucking Negligence Jury Trial Verdict

    A young girl attempted to cross the street to get to school. She was crossing in an area where there was no crosswalk. A dump truck with defective brakes struck and killed the child.

  • $1,900,000 Golf Course Accident. Jury Trial Verdict

    A golf course grounds crew erected a rope, stretched between steel bars driven deep into the ground to keep golfers from driving their carts across a newly seeded fairway. The yellow nylon rope was back-lit by the sun and, thus, not visible to golfers. The rope should have been rigged to fall over if someone inadvertently ran into it. Instead, the grounds crew, in the words of a witness, put the barrier up "like they were erecting a fence to keep cows in." A golfer drove his golf cart into the rope without seeing it. He was "clothes-lined," causing massive neck injury.

  • $1,875,000 Tractor Trailer / Motor Vehicle Collision. Settlement With Major Truck Line

    A mother was driving to work on a roadway often used by tractors hauling flatbed trailers. There were warning signs for vehicles to slow down because they were approaching a sharp curve. The truck driver knew the roadway well and knew that it had been raining which made the roadway slick. When the truck driver took the curve too fast, his flatbed trailer skidded across the roadway, striking the lady's car. The trailer was traveling at such a high rate of speed, it sliced off the top of the victim's car and killed her.

  • $1,650,000 Seat Collapses in Automobile - Paraplegia. Products Liability Settlement Against Major U.S. Auto Manufacturer

    A husband and wife's were rear-ended by another motorist. The wife's seat back collapsed and she was thrown rearward. Her body struck the rear-seat, causing her spinal cord to be functionally severed. She was permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

  • $1,200,000 Failure to Deliver Baby to Avoid Brain Damage. Medical Malpractice Settlement

    An expectant mother went into labor. The fetal monitor strip showed that the baby was not receiving adequate oxygen and was not handling the labor well. The physician and hospital staff did not act quickly enough to deliver the baby by Cesarean Section. The baby suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen

  • $1,200,000 Automobile Collision after Fraternity Party; Driving Under Influence - Jury Trial Verdict

    A young man and his friend attended a fraternity party where he was provided with a large amount of alcohol. He and his friend decided to drive home. No one at the party tried to prevent them from leaving, despite being obviously intoxicated. The driver fell asleep and wrecked, killing his friend. A jury found both the local and national fraternities responsible for the death of the young man.

  • $1,150,000 Auto Accident Caused by Intoxication Under-insured Motorist Coverage Settlement

    A young man was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his intoxicated friend. The friend drove the car at high rates of speed and wrecked the car. The young man suffered severe permanent brain injury.

  • $1,050,000 Tractor Trailer / Motorcycle Collision Settlement

    A motorcyclist and father of two was driving his motorcycle on the highway. A pickup truck pulling an over-loaded utility trailer entered the highway in front of a tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer driver sped up and swerved in an attempt to go around the truck rather than slowing down. The tractor-trailer jack-knifed and struck the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was killed.

  • $1,040,000 Failure to Diagnose Respiratory Distress from Group B Strep. Medical Malpractice Settlement

    A baby was born with respiratory distress. The mother was tested for Group B Strep too early in her pregnancy. The test came back negative. Between the time she was tested and the delivery of her baby, she contracted Group B Strep. Group B Strep is common in pregnant woman, but will not hurt the mom or baby if the mother is given antibiotics during labor of if the baby is given antibiotics immediately after delivery. The hospital and doctors failed to give antibiotics to the baby and he died after suffering respiratory distress and systemic Group B Strep infection for several hours.

  • $1,000,000 Utility Company Places Lines too Close to Home - Electrocution Settlement

    A man was attempting to clean snow and ice from his gutters and downspouts with a metal rod. The power company had placed electric power transmission lines too close to the roof of the home. Electricity arced from the power line to the metal pole and electrocuted the homeowner. He died instantly.


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