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Truck wreck on a highway in Covington, KY

You need a Covington, KY truck accident attorney after a collision with a large vehicle. This is because trucks can cause major damage and serious injuries, even when they are not going very fast. If you need help paying for medical bills caused by a collision with a large vehicle, you should turn to The Sanders Law Firm.

You should know that most commercial companies that employ truckers have a legal team that is nearly impossible for any individual to contend with. This means that even if you have hard evidence showing that the trucker was at fault, you stand little chance of getting compensation without hiring a lawyer. When you work with our legal staff, you also have access to experts in crash reconstruction, trucking, and more, which means your resources at least match those of the trucking company.

After a collision with a truck, you may need immediate help with the following:

  • Paying for current and future medical bills
  • Making up for time off work after your injuries
  • Paying for physical therapy or other rehabilitative help
  • Getting your car fixed
  • Paying the medical bills and funeral costs of a loved one killed in the crash

Fortunately for you and others in Covington, KY, truck accident attorney help is offered quickly at The Sanders Law Firm, so we can help you get the money you need. We even offer weekend visits by appointment, so call today to schedule yours.



A fully loaded standard 18-wheeler tractor-trailer can weigh 80,000 pounds.  That is 40 tons!  Special purpose commercial trucks and trucks pulling “double” or “triple” trailers can weigh much more.  When these 40 ton-and-up giants collide with a regular family passenger car, it is not difficult to predict the outcome.  Most collisions involving tractor-trailers and cars result in serious injuries or deaths to the passenger car occupants.  Families of tractor-trailer crash victims face huge medical bills, long periods of disability and loss of income, and months or years of rehabilitation.  On top of all that, they have to fight with the trucking company to get their bills paid and to obtain compensation from the responsible parties.

Because large commercial trucks cause a lot of crashes, every big trucking company has a law firm on retainer and teams of accident investigators on call.  When a truck is involved in a crash, the trucking company dispatches teams of experts to the scene immediately.  Those teams include lawyers, crash reconstruction experts, traffic engineers, mechanical experts, and seasoned investigators.  Often, the trucking company’s crash response team arrives at the scene of the collision before the first-responders have cut the victims out of the twisted wreckage.  There is only one reason the trucking company sends a crash team to the scene of a collision - to put together the best argument they can to blame the crash on the injured victim and help the trucking company escape liability or minimize what they have to pay the victim.  If you or a loved one have been injured, or worse, by a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck, you cannot fight the trucking industry and their “crash teams” alone.  You need a crash team of your own - The Sanders Law Firm.

The truck accident lawyers and support staff of The Sanders Law Firm are among the best commercial truck litigators in Kentucky and Ohio.  In fact, we were selected by our state trial lawyer association to teach other lawyers how to handle truck cases.  Our staff includes a full-time, experienced truck wreck investigator.  We maintain close relationships with engineers, accident reconstruction experts, mechanical experts, and other truck crash consultants.  With a couple of phone calls, we can match any “crash team” the trucking industry sends.  If you call us immediately after a crash, we can have our people on the scene as fast as the trucking company.  Although we prefer to be called as early as possible, we can still obtain the evidence and win your case even if you don’t call us until weeks or months after the crash.  Our experience, knowledge, investigative and reconstruction resources, and hard work make us more than a match for the trucking company’s team of lawyers and support personnel.

In addition to the usual rules of the road that you are familiar with as a licensed driver, the trucking industry is also regulated by special national  laws and regulations - the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Ac (FMCSA)t, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  Most states, including Kentucky and Ohio, have adopted regulations nearly identical to the FMCSR.  Our lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with the FMCSA and FMCSR.  We have handled many tractor-trailer crash cases and recovered millions of dollars from the trucking industry for our clients. We deliver the intense, high-level of legal advocacy these critically important cases require.

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